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Apple preparing thinner and lighter iPad Air 3 at an affordable price

Apple is developing a new model of the iPad Air 3. Reported by Macworld, citing informed sources.

Despite the claims of analysts claiming that with the release of the 9.7-inch iPad “air” series of tablets Apple is no longer produced, many users continue to wait for the third generation in the line of Air. And, it seems, the company will please fans of the brand.

iPad Air 3 will get more compact and lightweight body, as well as an attractive price tag due to the simplified feature set. According to sources, the model will be the ideal option for those who cannot afford or do not need an expensive iPad Pro.

About the debut of the iPad Air 3 numerous insiders no doubt but in this opinion they converge. However, with the date of the announcement of new items not yet decided. Some believe that Apple will reveal the tablet at WWDC in June, or in autumn, when traditionally there are new models of the iPad.

Some interesting points the iPad Air 3 will be able to hook the target audience is not clear yet, but the release of a more affordable tablet from Apple can not but rejoice.

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