Apple plans to change Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro & nbsp

Apple plans to change the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro One of the key points in the new iPad Pro 2020 line was the Magic Keyboard. It allows you to turn a tablet into a laptop.
Unlike the Smart Keyboard (pictured), which was just a case with a built-in keyboard, the Magic Keyboard had letters for entering text, as well as a trackpad similar to the standard one on a MacBook, and a stand for iPad Pro so that you could place it under different angles. In other words, it was designed to change the use cases of the iPad.

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However, it seems that Apple is planning a transition to the new iPad Pro Magic keyboards. According to a patent found by PatentlyApple, the company is considering creating a keyboard without a trackpad, instead choosing touch strips on both sides.
Along with replacing the trackpad, this patent shows a new Magic Keyboard with a microphone and possibly even vibration.
These vibration sensors could recognize gestures made on the surface on which the iPad was installed, so theoretically you could swipe your finger across the cafe table or desktop instead of the iPad navigation screen. These sensors will also determine the strength that you use to press certain buttons on the keyboard.
Adding vibration sensors and a microphone would be useful for people who want to use their iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard for productive tasks. However, it is unclear whether they can survive the loss of the trackpad.

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It is worth noting that, although the patent certainly does not guarantee the appearance of such a new product in the near future or even ever, its existence primarily suggests that Apple, at least, is thinking about changes.
If this is a truly new product, it is unlikely that we will see it soon, and most likely it will be presented along with the iPad Pro 2021 or later.

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