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Apple plans in may to cut prices in Russia on 7-11%

Apple is planning in may to review the cost of products for the Russian market, said a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. According to him, in the company’s discuss price reduction on all products with the stabilization of the dollar at this level.

“Apple discussing the decline in the prices of all products for the Russian market. Tentatively in may and with the stabilization of the USD exchange rate at this level”, – wrote in his Twitter Murtazin. While expected to drop dramatically, the prices of Apple Resellers will still be lower. “Reduction of prices on Apple can range from 7% to 11% in may if the course will remain at the current level,” he said, adding that consumers should wait with purchases.

At the end of 2014, Apple has raised prices for all its goods in Russia due to the ruble fall. In April 2015 the company has reduced the cost of 9-10% depending on models. In the company of his decision explained to the strengthening of the ruble in recent weeks.

At the moment the official price of iPhone 6s in Russia ranges from 56 to 74 990 990 rubles, while the iPhone 6s Plus is sold from 65 to 83 990 990 rubles. Many Russian retailers are not ready to let go of the device at these prices and sell iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at prices below those established in the online Apple store.

The coming correction in the price of “Apple” technique related to the strengthening of the ruble. The trend has been since the beginning of the year. On Thursday the dollar for the first time since November 2015 fixed below 65 rubles. Experts note that the current values of the dollar are the lowest in more than four months. The ruble strengthened against the background of the rise in oil prices – on the eve of a barrel of Brent oil gave $46. Thus the world prices for raw materials reached the highest level since the beginning of the year.

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