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Apple Pencil: a product that would surprise Steve jobs

The main item on the September launch of Apple was a new, huge iPad — with the prefix Pro. A device with a screen of 12.9 inches created in order not to consume and create content. This concept, first introduced in Microsoft for planetnautique Surface, but seriously improved in the Apple. From definite similarities — physical keyboard, the ability to split the screen into multiple virtual areas and also, of course, Microsoft Office.

Steve jobs was very surprised to learn that the iPad Pro showed it to none other than personally by the head office of Microsoft the kirk Koenigsbauer. Even more, he was surprised to learn that on the same stage a few minutes later the app TypeKit introduced Eric Snowden, head of mobile development Adobe, Apple has spoiled a lot of blood, blocking access Flash on its mobile platform.

But all this is minor compared to how Apple offers to manage iPad Pro. In 2007, Citv jobs said, “Who needs a stylus? You take out, take away, lose — fu! Nobody wants a stylus. Won’t use the stylus”. The new device is called the Apple Pencil. The company believes that it is an indispensable thing for drawing or painting, it is already sharpened and pre-installed TypeKit, and AutoCad.

“For some tasks you may need greater precision interaction with the iPad Pro. This will help Apple Pencil is the tool by which the work c Multi-Touch becomes an amazing opportunity and diversity. The revolutionary technologies used in Apple’s Pencil, will seem incredibly familiar, as soon as you take it in hand. You will be able to work with pixel-perfect even on the most large-scale projects”.

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Unlike analog Apple Pencil high response speed. The waiting time between the time when the user started drawing and when the bar appeared on the screen, virtually no. iPad Pro knows exactly when a person touches the display with your finger and once with a pencil. When working with Apple Pencil tablet picks up twice as many points than with your finger, and the corresponding subsystem scans the signal with a frequency of 240 times per second.

In a sleek Apple Pencil is hidden a complex system of sensors to measure the applied force with maximum accuracy. In particular, how strong is the tip of the Apple Pencil presses on the display. The more stress, the thicker the line. The variety of artistic effects almost indefinitely.

Two sensors embedded in the tip of the Apple Pencil, calculate the exact direction and angle of the hands. When the user writes or draws, their relative position is determined by the Multi-Touch display. This makes it possible to achieve a shading effect by tilting the Apple Pencil — like in the hands of charcoal or a pencil.

Under the magnetic cap Apple Pencil hides a Lightning connector that can be inserted into the iPad Pro to recharge the device. Its design is slightly elongated so that the pencil could be recharged, even when worn on iPad Pro silicone case. 15 seconds charge is half an hour of work. A full charge will last for 12 hours drawing, sketching, annotating, and editing.

Apple Pencil works with pixel precision, expanding opportunities to work with Multi‑Touch and opening new horizons for creativity.

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