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Apple Pay users in Japan are faced with problems when paying

Users of the payment system Apple Pay in Japan complained about problems when paying using the service Is. This writes the RNS with reference to the statement of the railway operator East Japan Railway.


On Monday, Apple officially launched in Japan brand platform system. The company has implemented in the iPhone 7 technology FeliCa, developed by Sony, and first used in the tickets in 2001. This allows users to pay smart phone public transport, abandoning the cards.

To pay the fare in Japanese railway and public transport systems are used payment Suica and Pasmo. At the heart of both systems is based on the FeliCa technology, which Apple included in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

At that time, as Apple Pay is popular in USA, Europe and Australia, standard FeliCa occupy a leading position in the Japanese market. In particular, in America has installed 1.3 million NFC terminals, and in Britain — 320 000. In Japan operates 1.9 million terminals that work with FeliCa. Using them for the last year was conducted the transaction at $46 billion.

According to East Japan Railway, a glitch in the Apple Pay payment of travel could be associated with excessively large number of queries to the payment service. As of 07:30, the topic of Apple Pay and Mobile Suica was headed by Japanese top trends on Twitter.

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