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Apple Pay plans to cover new countries before the end of 2017

Apple Pay will be available in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the UAE before the end of this year.

Contactless payment with Apple Pay now available in sixteen countries, but the decline in the rate of coverage of new territories in the near future is not planned. In the latest report, Apple executives announced plans to add to portfolio Apple Pay to several new countries, but did not disclose any names of financial partners, or the exact date of launch of the service, limiting the promise to make contactless payment available until the end of the year.

Expanding the geography of services is not all that restricted Apple to popularize it. In the new iOS 11, which will be released this fall, some of the features of Apple Pay will be integrated with the messaging that will allow users to send each other money via iMessage, and the recipient of the funds will be able to either pay for their goods or services through Apple Pay or cash them.

In Russia payment via Apple Pay became available from October 2016.

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