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Apple Pay in Russia: first impressions from using the service

October 4, the Russian earned a payment service Apple Pay. The system is compatible with smartphones older than the iPhone 6, including iPhone SE as well as with the Apple Watch. In the latter case, the system will be able to configure using iPhone 5, 5s and 5c. First, the application will be exclusively released by Sberbank cards.

To pay enough to bring the gadget to the terminal select the application card and press your finger against the Touch ID sensor. Apple Watch payment runs by double-clicking on the power button and does not require special authorization. Columnist Rita Popova from The Village, tested Apple Pay in several Moscow schools, described his impressions from acquaintance with the service.


Going to experiment, I was hoping for a misunderstanding of the sellers, the interest of others or the error of the terminal that was, in fact, than writing the text. I had no luck. Everything worked flawlessly and others do not show unusual method of payment any interest. In the first store where I went (small grocery Touche, where employees Look At Media go for the snacks), I was informed that I was not the first pay phone and not even in the top ten. Certainly this number includes people with Android Pay, but the fact is that the first transaction has stalled only because of me, because I panicked and not pressed on time on the button “Pay with Passcode”.

After that, I paid for purchases in “M. Video” and “bill” — both times the whole process took more than a few seconds. The only drawback was, again, on my conscience: I moved the phone a little further from the terminal than I should. More alive to the novelty reacted in a cafe Nude, where I decided to buy something more expensive than a thousand rubles. Usually when you pay this amount you need to enter a PIN code, but Apple Pay ignores this rule.

It seems that in the Nude I was the first person that paid for the order with the phone. It produced a striking effect: here’s the payment took longer than in other places, and I always put the phone away too far from the terminal, but for the success of the operation was ill for several customers of the cafe. Someone we even managed to discuss the prospects of cash in the EU countries (particularly Germany and Sweden). Observers were surprised that a service that launched just yesterday, is already working without interruption with all contactless terminals. It’s really unusual for technology services, but Apple Pay does not require additional infrastructure (unlike, for example, from the company Square), and hence, easier embedded in the environment.


  • It is really convenient. It seems that the difference of a few seconds does not play a special role, but more importantly, the phone is always in hand, and the search of the purse and the card can irritate you and turn.
  • Apple Pay is a convenient logging system purchases. Adding into the system all my credit cards (this will be possible in a month when the service will join other popular banks), it is possible to combine in one tape the notice of all the money spent, and thus to have a complete picture of the costs and more discipline in money matters.
  • Apple Pay can replace the card if you forgot it at home or damaged. The latter is especially valuable for people who opened a credit card not in Moscow — in such cases, a reissue may take a few weeks. IPhones vulnerable and like a sudden discharge, so count on Apple Pay not: there is a risk to remain without money and without a phone.


  • Terminals with contactless payments are several times less than usual is another reason to carry a map with you.
  • New technology seems both exciting and unsafe, and people tend to conservatively treat everything that comes to money. Although cases of fraud in Apple Pay is not yet known, it will be difficult to convince people to abandon cash.

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