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Apple Pay continues to gain popularity in Russia

Payment service Apple Pay, launched in Russia last fall, continues to gain popularity. It is reported Plusworld with reference to the payment system Robokassa.

At the end of last year, the company began working with Apple Pay, as well as Russian payment card “the World”. Referring to the figures, Robokassa chose the most interesting indicators: ARPU and % of total payments.

Most popular in Russia, VISA and Mastercard maintained the palm during the whole considered period. Despite the impressive marketing and technological activity Mastercard, Bank cards that MPs in our service take second place. The data presented show that the frequency of use Mastercard remains at around slightly less than 40% of the total volume of banking card transactions. VISA is the figure is almost 60%.

As seen in the chart, the statistics according to the “World” and Apple Pay still lags behind traditional payment systems.

The figures for Apple Pay is growing with the spread of payment services in Russia.

“Serious leap from Apple Pay was just because of the acquisition of services a significant market share when paying from mobile devices and usability of the system, and now the figure is already 20-25%. We expect further growth: it is only a matter of habituation and assimilation by the user”, – noted in the company.

The figures on the cards “the World” yet. Developers attribute this to limited infrastructure that hinder active daily use. On the chart you can observe the activity during the Christmas holidays and despite the fact that the domestic payment system is still young and only started its development, news gives us confidence that soon the situation will change.

While the average payment by VISA and Mastercard during 2016 and early 2017 ranged from 1500-2000 rubles with a slight advantage Mastercard, the SS “Mir” was surprised by the scale of spending during the new year holidays ARPU on the cards “the World” reached the level of 4500 rubles. Great numbers and demonstrates Apple Pay: from the date of subscription ARPU was between 1800 and 2200 rubles.

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