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Apple Pay can now be used for donations to non-profit organizations

Apple was allowed to use a branded payment service, Apple Pay for donations to non-profit organizations. About it, said Jennifer Bailey, Vice-President of the direction Apple Pay, according to which the ease of use of the tool will involve the issue of new people.

Among the organizations with which Apple agreed to a partnership in this area: American Red Cross, American Heart Association, The Nature Conservancy, UNICEF, COPD Foundation and others. Just listed 19 organizations and five more will be added soon.

In Russia, at the moment, Apple Pay is already connected 10% of the potential base of customers and the number is growing.

Apple makes a profit on each transaction with Apple Pay, but in this case, allocations of the company can not be. The first thousand users in Russia are connected to payment in just half an hour.

Apple takes a small Commission from the Bank for each transaction. In our country it can reach up to 0.12% of the purchase amount, in addition, the Bank pays 45 rubles a year for each card connected to the service.

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