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Apple Pay became available to users of Bank cards of the “MegaFon”

From today, holders of Bank cards of MegaFon can pay for purchases using the payment system, Apple Pay. As described in the company, now the map do not have to carry, just add it to the service, and you can pay using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

The mobile phone account and Bank card is one, so that when you pay with Apple Pay, the money will be debited from the account of the mobile phone.

“Due to the capabilities of Apple Pay, we do a Bank card of “MegaFon”, and together with it and the phone bill, convenient, and secure means of payment for goods and services,” said Director of new businesses and partnerships “MegaFon” Jan Kucharski. According to him, the company intends to actively develop the product.

Apple Pay to set up very simple: customers can add a credit Bank card via the Wallet app. In stores to pay via a payment system with iPhone SE iPhone 6 and later models, as well as with the Apple Watch.

When you add a Bank card to Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device nor on Apple servers. Instead, it is assigned a unique number, device account, which is encrypted and stored in the chip’s Secure Element on the device. Each transaction is authenticated through a one-time secret code that is dynamically generated.

Also, subscribers of MegaFon can recharge a mobile phone using Apple Pay. In “Personal Cabinet” you need to choose to make a payment with Apple Pay and put the finger to Touch ID. You can refill not only your, but also any other number of “MegaFon”.

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Partner “MegaFon” in this project, and the Issuer of Bank cards of the “MegaFon” is the “Bank Round”.

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