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Apple patents “dual-mode headphone” that can turn into speakers

One of the main advantages of any headphones isolation sound. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always pay attention to this aspect. In the end, any trip on public transport is a collective listening to high frequency noises coming from the ears of a nearby passenger. Apple, apparently, wants to aggravate the situation. It is not excluded that in the near future the fans of “Apple” technology will not be allowed in public transport, fearing their musical preferences.

The fact that Apple patented a special “dual-mode headphone” that is able by the owner to become either head phones or speakers.

Not all users have individual speakers that can be connected iPhone for more quality music listening. But headphones there are many. The solution, as conceived by Apple, can be a special headset which can be powerful enough to act as a portable speakers.

Apple patented “dual-mode headphone” include two pairs of different speakers that may change the source of the output signal based on its position. Special sensors will determine whether your headphones in your ears or not. If the user is wearing the headset, that included the standard speakers, if you got ears – more powerful steam.

The user will be able to switch between the playback modes using the buttons on the case. Mechanical and retractable stand will lock the position of the earphones when they need to turn into portable speakers.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the usual headphone, according to the developers, music speakers can be in-ear models. Apple engineers offer to place the dynamics in that part of the body, which is on the outside of the headphones.

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On the timing of practical implementation of the patent, Apple has traditionally preferred to remain silent.

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