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Apple patented ultra-compact telephoto lens for mobile devices

Apple pays close attention to the quality and capabilities of iPhone camera. Judging by another patent, the Cupertino company is thinking about how to give smartphones zoom camera, without increasing the housing dimensions. It is possible that in future smartphones may see the lens with optical zoom.

On the website of the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published application filed by Apple entitled “Camera with folding system of the telephoto lens”. It shows the smartphone’s camera, using the principle of lens some compact cameras mirror reflects the light 90 degrees, allowing CMOS-sensor is not parallel to the screen plane, and is perpendicular. This allows to significantly increase the length of the lens and build in the smartphone lens with variable focal length (in other words, to implement optical zoom).

Step-by-step movement of the lens up and down to millimeters allows to achieve a telephoto effect. In addition, this design provides an opportunity for mirrors in optical image stabilization that improves efficiency and compactness.

The patent mentions the possibility of selecting telelintsy as secondary. Users will be able to use as a standard lens, and further, extends the ability of the camera.

For several years rumors that future iPhone models may appear or the ability to install additional lenses, or can be integrated immediately two optics in the base set.

According to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the company decided to implement optical zoom on the iPhone by integrating a second camera iSight. In the future smartphones will receive two compact 12-megapixel image sensor on the back side. They will be different in the diaphragm and the presence of optical image stabilization. From this point of view, the patent for a telephoto lens for the iPhone is not a priority in a patent portfolio to Apple.

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