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Apple patented the dock with flexible connector for iPhone

Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent application filed by Apple for “dock with flexible connector”. The essence of design is to ensure the mobility of the plug inside the dock.

The paper describes a multi-function device to install the mobile gadget, say, the iPhone or the iPad. On the idea of Apple’s engineers, a docking station may be equipped with a movable connector, which automatically changes the tilt angle at installation, and disconnect the gadget. This allows you to avoid accidental damage. The design is clearly transferred the images to the document.

“If the smartphone or tablet connected to the dock, pressure is applied, the device will change position, and the connector will remain intact. Thus, movable holder connector reduces the risk of breakage”, – stated in the patent.

There are cases when the cradle and connector of your smartphone damaged because of improper connection/disconnection. Patented docking station provides for the return of the gadget back to its previous position once the applied force disappears. Through this mechanism, Apple hopes to significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to the dock and plug it to the device.

The appearance of a patent on the dock doesn’t mean that Apple is ready to introduce to the market described in the product, although the latter is not excluded.

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