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Apple patented a modular strap for Apple Watch with additional sensors, battery and camera

Apple received a patent on a modular strap for Apple Watch, designed to extend the functionality of the wearable computer. Additional modules will perform specific functions, and users will be able to add or replace modules as needed.

“In one or more embodiments, a method of using the functional components of the system the wristband wearable device may include: receiving the identifier to a wearable device from multiple connected modules and the definition of functional by analysis of the obtained IDs and the connection with one of the plurality of modules to use certain functions”, – stated in the patent application Apple.

The text uses common phrases and are not disclosed specific plans for the company. However, before Tim cook hinted at the possible use of this technology.

Even in 2015, Apple’s CEO said that the company is very interested in products related to health and medicine, but the Apple Watch will not get the new sensors to avoid the need to test the FDA:

“We don’t want our watches had to go through the review process of the office for sanitary supervision over the quality of medicines and food products. I don’t mind something like this, but it must be clearly not a watch because checking will slow down the progress and implementation of innovative solutions. But imagine other things that we could imagine – maybe the application, maybe something else.”

Additional modules may include sensors determining the oxygen level and blood sugar. Interestingly, Apple does not allow to measure the level of O2 in the Apple Watch, although the hardware is quite feasible now. Among other models designated camera and additional speakers.

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Apple has significantly improved the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 2, but even two days without recharging enough for many users, so the opportunity to use a bracelet with a built-in battery would be very useful. Third-party manufacturer has announced the band that will extend the life of the gadget for 30 hours, but later Apple has blocked the work of the accessory.

As in the case of other Apple patents, there is no guarantee that this technology will be implemented in a commercial product. Although, given the company’s interest in tracking health indicators, the use of modular straps seem very likely.

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