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Apple patented a display with a fingerprint scanner for iPhone 8 frameless

Apple has patented a fingerprint scanner that can be built into the smartphone or tablet. The technology is expected to find application in iPhone 8 already this year.

Apple engineers have developed technology infrared emitters, which will allow to refuse from separate fingerprint scanner. 14 Feb appropriate application form published by the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is negotiating the supply of components from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of displays are organic LEDs. Patent application No. 9570002 entitled “Interactive display panel with infrared diodes”, filed in June of 2014 and now published, partly confirms this.

The document describes a display panel based on micro-LED. The technology combines modern display and fingerprint scanner.

Innovative screen contains an array of transistors, several layers of metallization and interlayer connection, color filters, OLED layers, sensors and a number of additional components: switches, protection against electrostatic discharge, the photodiodes and a detector that detects radiation in the infrared range. The latest integration will allow to refuse from a single module for fingerprint.

It should be noted that this is not the first Apple patent that describes technology integration of fingerprint sensor in the iPhone’s display. In the previous application, the company described the technology of capacitive sensing, which works through microscale in the surface. To improve the accuracy of reading of the electrostatic lenses are used with many sensing elements. So the fingerprint scanner may be located below the display and the smartphone will get rid of the Home button.

According to reports, the display of the upcoming iPhone 8 will occupy the entire front panel and a new Apple patent allows to realize this idea. The device will receive a different design and is made entirely of glass.

In iPhone 7 Apple replaced the mechanical Home button touch, which simulates pressing a with engine Taptic Engine.

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