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Apple Park showed at sunset

Blogger Matthew Roberts showed a “spaceship” of Apple in the setting sun.

Thanks to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, about the new Apple campus has become much more well-known. Therefore the traditional shooting with the drone, which Roberts has pleased fans of the company throughout the construction, it is not so relevant.

However, the blogger found than to surprise the public by showing them what it looks like “space ship” Apple at sunset. A huge glowing ring, as if hovering above the ground. At night when the building lights on, reveals all its charm.

Despite the fact that the campus has received visitors during the presentation of the iPhone and iPhone Plus 8/8 X to work on its beautification is not finished yet. In the video you can see that around the building, the building technics. Landscape designers Apple have yet to work with you to create the final look of the campus.

During the presentation of the new iPhone Tim cook noted that Apple employees will begin to move to a new building later this year.

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