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Apple Park Parking takes up more space than the offices for the staff

This month will be opening a new office center Apple Park in Cupertino. The new Apple campus for Parking will be given about 325 thousand square meters, while the office area will be about 315 thousand sq. m.

According to the magazine The Economist, on-site Apple Park will be a little less than 11 000 Parking spaces, designed to accommodate 14,000 people. Most of them will be located under the Central ring of the building, the rest housed in a huge garage in the southern part of campus.

Apple was forced to increase the number of Parking spaces, as local legislation set a minimum amount of Parking for different objects. The company itself stands for carpooling and the transition to the bike. In Apple Park will have a separate space for Parking of 2,000 bikes.

Company presents Apple Park as the most environmentally friendly campus in the world. The roofs of all the buildings covered with solar panels, and in the main room, made in the form of a ring, implemented the world’s largest natural ventilation. The campus will be surrounded by lots of trees.

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