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Apple out the window: how and why to install Windows 10 on MacBook Pro 2016

Not so long ago Apple released the new generation of MacBook Pro. Laptops got, perhaps, the most significant upgrade in the history of this series. And it is not only significantly updated the design (for that brand laptopow Apple is a rarity), a whole new set of connectors and, of course, improved performance, but above all, the emergence of innovative control: touch panel with Touch Bar fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Apple is traditionally very conservative in the segment of laptops. Releasing one model, the company then a few years only updates the filling — processor and graphic accelerator. However, in 2015, the model range was extended 12-inch MacBook, in fact, replacing MacBook Air, and now it’s time for a radical rethinking of the MacBook Pro.

Adequate competitors MacBook Pro on the market, to pick up, as always, difficult. More or less comparable in price models, as a rule, less productive. On the other hand, you can find similar in size and performance Windows laptops, but they will cost much more expensive — it will be a different price category, and some features are much better (screen resolution, for example), which is not always justified in such laptops.

Well, the more difficult to find a Windows laptop that would work from the battery as much as the Apple device. This is due, in particular, the energy efficiency of the operating system macOS.

Install Windows on your Mac

Operating system macOS on a typical Windows machine is very difficult to establish, and it is not certain that everything will work. In most cases, a so-called “Hackintosh” — a special build of macOS, which, after conducting special rituals “with dancing and tambourines” that can run on a standard PC. However, if the user is lucky with the motherboard, after flashing the BIOS and the substitution of the loader can be installed even it is currently an official distro of macOS that will even get regular updates from Apple. Some, however, this method is also called Hackintosh.

But to put Windows on any Mac is a piece of cake. No more difficult than to put Windows on any “normal” computer, perhaps, a little longer. The easiest method of installing Windows on Mac with the built-in macOS utilities “Boot Camp Assistant” which will help to break up the drive, configure the boot loader and to prepare a bootable USB flash drive with drivers and follows the distribution.

Note that even if you install multiple operating systems on the computer prefer virtualization, in macOS it is also not a problem: the popular Mac virtual machine in Parallels Desktop (which allows you to work with Windows apps and Windows as well as macOS) allows you to work with Boot Camp installed in Windows and requires no additional manipulations: you can use Windows in virtualized mode and loading it separately. But in this article we will only work with Boot Camp.

So, stocking up on an external USB drive, way Windows 64-bit, 10-and 16-Gigabyte USB flash drive. Now it is small — run Boot Camp.

First, it will ask, what are we actually going to do. Press the button to select an ISO disk image. Boot Camp will prompt you to use a flash drive to save the drivers and other useful tools that come in handy when working in Windows. The next step is partitioning.

Programs typically involved in the layout of the disk is quite complicated for beginners, but everything here is elementary — do not have anything to do with his hands. Is that pulling the slider, choosing how much space on the internal storage will be allocated for macOS and how much for Windows. We were too lazy to choose, so we just clicked “Divide equally”. To be honest, so to speak.

In principle, that’s all. After clicking “Install”, Boot Camp will begin to prepare the USB stick. At this time, you can go to drink tea. To work Boot Camp will be about half an hour, it all depends on — how much will have to download from the Internet.

After Boot Camp finished, the computer will reboot and start installing Windows in the normal scenario. Select country, keyboard, lean back in the chair, when you select again sit back on the chair and so on. I’ll have to manually format the newly created partition to NTFS. But Windows will warn you of this.

When Windows finally installed and loaded, will be installed the same Windows support software from Apple, what it includes.

Run Windows on your Mac

How is Windows 10 on MacBook Pro? Feels great. This is not surprising — the hardware-the poppies are quite common.

To help makovodu that just came out of the friendly and familiar world of macOS and got into Windows — the world he is unfamiliar, and therefore hostile, there is a control Panel “Boot Camp”, which is automatically installed with the USB stick. The icon of this app is placed in the tray and it is always possible to call out there.

After completing the installation, you must access the Windows settings and download all the system updates. In the second step, you need to go to the app store and update the main program. It will also take some time.

Notably, Windows 10 recommends to use on a MacBook Pro, the 2560 x 1600 resolution. Built-in Touch Bar fingerprint scanner Touch ID does not work since Apple has not released relevant drivers, and the very touchscreen will offer only the standard set of functional keys: possibilities of the Touch Bar are revealed only in the macOS environment.

Panel trackpad in Windows 10 works in much the same way as in Apple. You can configure any gesture to perform the most different actions one, two, three and four fingers. However, you cannot assign tap with three fingers to launch Cortana.

Incidentally, the logical drive with the macOS (which is formatted in HFS+), and available from Windows. However, read-only. To remove something with it, like create a folder or file.

To format, by the way, did not happen — the system will generate an error. Only this is still better not to do — if you try, he can fly and you will have to restore via Recovery macOS. MacOS disk from Windows (formatted to NTFS) is also read, but cannot be accessed.

To activate Windows or not?

It is understood that there is nothing to worry if you don’t activate Windows 10. Gone are the days when “Windows” frightened people black desktop and reminders about activation. Now in the bottom right corner of the screen there is a watermark, which notifies you that the OS is not activated.

For some reason, Microsoft decided not to seriously restrict the efficiency of the unlicensed version of the operating system? No one knows. The functionality has not been activated, Windows 10 is almost not violated. In this case, will not be available the personalization system. This means that the user will not be able to change the theme color, desktop Wallpaper and icons. In addition, the OS will not allow you to synchronize your settings with other device. Otherwise, it will be fully functional platform.

Download and OS choice

On a Mac the usual OS selection menu no. By default, after you install Windows in Boot Camp, the laptop when you restart or turn it on to boot into macOS without issues. If you want to boot into Windows, you need to press the Alt key at boot — then a menu will appear to select the partition to boot. If you didn’t, then there will be two partitions: Mac OS and Windows. Choose the second and loaded into Windows.

And that’s because the reboot, Windows will more often than macOS, which is generally very rarely requires a reboot makes sense in a Boot Camp utility for Windows to set boot in Windows by default. Even if you very rarely use the OS from Microsoft, believe me, it will be easier. After all, to shut down or restart your Mac under macOS will have even less.

Removing Windows from a Mac

Without this section the article would not be complete. What to do if Windows on a Mac is no longer needed and should be deleted? Apple took care of that. Loaded into macOS, run “Boot Camp Assistant” and select “Remove Windows 8 or later”.

All the more it is necessary nothing — the program will automatically erase unnecessary disk partition and fill the remaining space a primary partition.

Removing Windows has never been so quick — the whole process took less than a minute.


Practice shows that Apple still produces the world’s best laptops. Reliable, powerful, lightweight and energy-efficient. But even if the Windows world you will not let go — all is not lost. Apple has taken care of the user and provided him a tremendous opportunity to use Windows on a Mac, if that’s necessary.

If you never were engaged in reinstalling the operating system and, especially, not put on a single computer multiple operating systems, Boot Camp still won’t let you get lost. You may even be scared in no time — a minimum of questions and Boot Camp is already starting to work. Well, if you’re a geek with experience, you will be surprised by the simplicity and ease of the process. Although, it is worth noting that not every geek is able to appreciate the simplicity and ease.

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