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Apple ordered manufacturers of accessories visit packaging white color with an approved fonts

In the hands of journalists got Apple internal document certifying the change of policy on clearance of goods retailers. According to the company requirements, manufacturers of covers, protective films, bags and other accessories are now obliged to sell the goods in the package with a white background and company approved fonts.

Since July of this year, Apple has started to reduce the range of accessories in the retail stores Apple Store, giving preference to the products of those manufacturers who agreed to change the packaging design in accordance with the new requirements.

The packaging must consist of a white background, simplified font, different “regularity in the arrangement of the logos” and to use in the design of photo products at a certain angle. Thus packaging third-party boxes should remind the company itself. These measures, according to the plan of Apple to make “more attractive” kind of showcases with accessories in stores.

Thus, in the near future, docking station, covers, bumpers, keyboard, and other accessories for iPhone, iPad and Mac will be supplied in white boxes with the logo of the manufacturer, a large product image and a new style of marking. The new requirements affect known manufacturers of accessories, including Incase, Logitech, Life Proof, Tech21, Sena and Mophie.

Change package implemented in accordance with the new concept of transition to a premium redesign of the Apple Store specified by the head of retail Angela Ahrendts. Top Manager decided to change the interior of stores: to revise the design of shop Windows that display the accessories in appliances. Ahrendts believes that customers should see the same thing, regardless of, do they look on the page or on a real showcase.

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Is there a time period in which the retailers have to switch to the new packaging, is still unknown. Officially Apple has not yet commented trapped in the media design rules.

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