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Apple optimized “Team” for the iPad Pro 2018

07.11.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

The application of the “Team” is now available on the new iPad Pro, presented October 30, 2018. Update information appeared on the sixth of November on the official website of the company.


Apple optimized "Team" for the iPad Pro 2018Commands (shortcuts) are created for the most convenient management of the device from Apple: find cards or how different they are called, labels, clicking on that will trigger certain actions.

The program includes more than three hundred built-in cards and works with contacts, calendar, maps, music, photos, Safari, and many other sections, and any adapted to the “Team” applications.

In an optimized version for the iPad Pro 2018, the developers have eliminated such problems as errors in the cards “Send e-mail”, “to Dictate text, Run home script and Cause vibration device”, the inability to make a call to the number that contain special characters (e.g. * or #), the preservation of the pictures in the selected album and in the folder “All photos”. A detailed list of updates can be found here.


Download “Team” for 11 and 13-inch iPad Pro for free from the App Store.

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