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Apple optimized “nine”: 9.2 iOS iOS 9.1 is faster in most tasks [video]

The author of YouTube-channel iAppleBytes, regularly testing the performance of iOS, has posted a video which compares the performance of the iPhone with two versions of Apple OS 9.2 and 9.1. The purpose of the experiment was to compare the performance of operating systems.

As it turned out, the new update iOS 9.2 is able to speed up the work “Apple” devices. Especially the effect is seen on older models – iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. The blogger found that the gadgets iOS 9.2 run faster, open pre-installed software takes less time to quickly open websites.

The increase in performance in the new build significantly not only on older gadgets, but also on the relatively new iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Apparently, with this release Apple has not avoided the issue of optimization of the OS.

“iOS 9.2 free from bugs and faster iOS 9.1. We still see lag in animations and scrolling, which are present on all devices. Even on the iPhone 6s. However, most devices began to load faster. No doubt you should upgrade to the new firmware,” says the author of the experiment.

Apple tested the iOS 9.2 since the end of October. In total, the company has released four pre-Assembly, the latest, iOS 9.2 beta 4, was released on November 19. The main innovations of the update – improvements brand Apple Music application, the update software component Safari View Controller, a new feature Mail Drop in the mail to send file attachments of large size, support 3D Touch in iBooks and adapter USB Camera Adapter to import photos and videos to iPhone. The update is available for download on all Apple devices that support iOS 9.

iOS iOS 9.1 9.2 vs. iPhone 4s:

iOS iOS 9.1 against 9.2 for iPhone 5:

iOS iOS 9.1 9.2 against the iPhone 5s:

iOS iOS 9.1 against 9.2 for iPhone 6:

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