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Apple opened a new Apple Store in the most prestigious area of new York [photos]

Branded Apple stores are not only the electronics outlets, but the most outstanding examples of urban architecture, and often coexist with historical sights. Opening a new Apple Store in the upscale Upper East side in new York, Apple has taken into account the history of this building – the store is housed in a former Bank.

A few hours before the opening of trading point several hundred fans products gathered at the door of the Apple Store in Manhattan, where the outlet is “Apple” of the company. The event was attended by head of the Department of retail and online sales of Apple Angela Ahrendts.

Inside the store, visitors discovered a few original designs of Apple. So, there are niches in the walls with rows of wooden balls with Beats headphones. This test area, where everyone can appreciate the sound of music accessories. Reserved for cases for iPhone wall also happened with ingenious discovery: it is built-in drawers, resembling Deposit boxes.

In the basement of the new Apple Store is an old Bank vault with a huge safe. It was converted into a VIP room, which probably will be used for fitting the expensive Apple Watch Edition. That with an eye on the income of local residents more than justifies the presence of the Apple Store on Madison Avenue.

The emergence of the Apple Store in the Upper East side has not been able to coordinate with the city administration. As a result, Apple had made a number of concessions – reduced illumination of facades, kept the interior of the building and limited the operation of the outlet. The result was not so much the electronics store, how much is a real boutique in the area, considered one of the most expensive and prestigious in new York.

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