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Apple on the day of his 40th anniversary of sure can still change the world

Apple is celebrating Tuesday the 40th anniversary, “still can change the world”. This was stated in an interview with ABC, Vice-President of Apple on software guy Tribble, who worked on the Macintosh computer.

“We still believe that we can change the world quotes the top Manager TASS. In the beginning we had no idea that Apple will reach their current level”. According to the necrotic host, it is possible that the company pays primary attention to quality – the merit of chief Executive Tim cook.

Now Apple, who started with the sale of the simplest of computer systems, has become one of the world’s largest companies with a market capitalization of about $600 billion with a range of products, including laptops, desktops, iMacs, and iPhones, a network of 480 stores in 18 countries, including Russia, and its net profit for 2015 exceeded $53 billion worldwide users more than 1 billion Apple devices.

As told journalists the Vice-President of marketing for Apple’s Greg Joswiak, the company’s success brought a constant quest to create new products. “We did it more often than anyone else,” he said. As a recent example he mentioned the “smart” watches Apple Watch.

Divya Neg engaged in 2014 as the company issues new medical applications for different devices, told journalists about the company’s intention “to extend its activities to new areas and really get the current state of Affairs”. The publication notes that Apple is “always kept secret their future plans and even refused to disclose the position held by Neg in the company”.

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Last week Apple introduced new models of its devices from the iPhone and iPad, in particular, smaller version of smartphone with a display diagonal of 4 inches. What innovations can we expect from the company in the future, questioned by Bloomberg. “All of these devices – iPod, iPhone, iPad – was designed for a specific period of time, when it became possible to dramatically expand the memory of such devices, said it. – Now the device become more energy efficient, and the technology displays has risen to a new level. So one could argue that Apple is now somewhere in the middle of the road to the next big moment in its history”.

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