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Apple officially unveiled iPhone SE with a 4-inch display and a camera at 12 megapixels

21 March at a special press conference in Cupertino, Apple has officially introduced the smartphone iPhone SE. The machine has absorbed the best of existing smartphones – the design of the iPhone 5s and the “stuffing” of the flagship models of the iPhone 6s.

In the center of attention at the presentation was the new compact smartphone from Apple. Initially, the confusion starts already in its name. Waiting for a more budget version than the last model, at first the audience discussed the option of the iPhone 6C, and then started talking about the iPhone 5SE.
In the end, Union sources agreed on the name iPhone SE, which was confirmed by today’s presentation.

iPhone SE appealed to a smaller size compared to the models with the prefix plus, got the A9 processor and feature support “live” images. Machine inherited from the iPhone 6s never dormant voice assistant with the ability to summon his simple phrase “Hey, Siri”.

The camera, despite its compact design promises to be worthy of: the device features a 12-megapixel module (as in the iPhone 6s) and supports recording in 4K resolution. Your device has NFC technology for contactless payments Apple Pay. In the function list display 3D Touch is an example of reduction display not allowed to embed into the body of the equipment to ensure that the gadget will recognize the effect of depression.

Apple opens pre-orders for iPhone SE today. In sale the device will be available from March 25 priced from $449 for a model with 16 GB of memory, the older modification with 64 GB will cost $499. The novelty is presented in the colours silver, gold, grey and rose gold.

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