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Apple offers customers to participate in the development of the Apple Watch 2

Buyers of smart hours Apple Watch won the opportunity to participate in the survey Apple, according to TechCrunch. Some of the issues companies may cause crooked smile.

According to the publication, Apple has initiated a survey of buyers of smart-watches, which aims to find out why they chose a wearable computer company, what are the features of the device they like don’t like and Vice versa, and also to evaluate the performance of the functions.

As it turned out, Apple conducts such surveys after the release of each new product, and the responses are considered in the development of the following models. Noteworthy is the fact that the company offered purchasers evaluate every aspect of the smart devices: straps, magnetic charging, design, digital, Digital Crown Crown, the quality of the display. It is not excluded that with the wishes of users, the company will change the design or some functional features of the second generation Apple Watch.

The questionnaire is large enough, filling it may take 15 minutes. She personally sent to those who purchased the Apple Watch in April and may 2015. Separately, the analysis of users ‘ preferences on future versions of the smart watch.

If you had to fill out the questionnaire, what features you would like in the desired number for the Apple Watch 2?

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