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Apple offers buyers to hand over your Android smartphone and get a new iPhone in installments for $15 a month

Apple continues to look for new ways to boost iPhone sales – key business California giant. Some call it a sign of lower demand for smartphones, other strategic business move by the manufacturer.

Last year during the presentation of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the company introduced an initiative called the iPhone Upgrade. In this program the users can through Apple Store to get the smartphone in installments for two years, and to exchange the machine on new every year. Participation in the program will cost $32 per month. The price includes tech support Apple Care+.

This week in the framework of iPhone Upgrade, the company has provided to everyone. This plan is called Trade Up With Installments and allows you to pay the cost of the device for only $15 a month.

To call the plan a full installment not. The reason is that this option will be available to customers who will sell their old smartphone. And, very surprisingly, Apple is taking the credit even Android devices. For the flagship competing solutions company is ready to pay up to $300.

That’s the $15 a month for 24 months — one of the options. The amount of payment for each user is calculated depending on which model gets the buyer and what machine in what state losing in the standings. The maximum size of the monthly payment can reach $35 per month. Apple makes its smartphones starting with the iPhone 4.

New business sales schemes need an Apple iPhone including the fact that many large operators have started to refuse subsidizing high-end smartphones. As a result, the demand for such devices is reduced, and consequently, decreases and the profit of the developers.

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At the moment the plan Trade Up With Installments are available only in the official Apple Store in USA.

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