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Apple offers a free download dynamic arcade Hyperburner

Apple has updated the section of the App store, adding a new free app for iPhone and iPad. Every week in this division is a new game or program. This time is a dynamic arcade game called Hyperburner, in which players offer to go on an exciting journey across the expanses of space, to visit the giant mines, ventilation systems and other spaces.

The creators Hyperburner did not bother to offer the storyline, but without it the project is fascinating and addictive from the first minute. The player’s task 30 dynamic levels to travel to different systems, through an unusual design, resembling a huge pipe and dodging obstacles.

As you progress through the appearance of locations is changed, and the player gets access to new improved ships have more powerful protective shields. The obstacles are numerous, their range is huge – from exploding items, and ending with deadly rays. Shields allow you to continue the flight, if the user touches the casing of an object.

The game successfully implements the control system: the ship follows the movement of your finger across the screen, and pause switches on instantly, is to let go of the screen.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest strengths of the game is the visual part. Futuristic three-dimensional landscapes emerging before my eyes, bright neon colors and thematic music create a special atmosphere Hyperburner and allow you to immerse your head in the game.

Hyperburner – unusual and deserving attention game, which is unique to iOS quite a bit. To download arcade on iPhone & iPad, by clicking this link.

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