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Apple offers a free download 8-bit platformer Bean’s Quest

In the category “Free app of the week” Apple selects an app and makes it free. This time these are appointed platformer in the style of 8-bit consoles Bean’s Quest.

The main character of the game Bean’s Quest – merry Emilio of the legume family, and the gamer’s task is to help him to save a kidnapped beloved. To rescue the lady characters need to go through 50 challenging levels and in bloody battles to defeat five bosses.

The players will open the two-dimensional levels that are dear to every gamer-oldfaga. Using the gaming landscape and sharpness, the user will need to send Emilio in the right direction. This pea in a sombrero yourself, you just need to click on virtual buttons “forward” and “back”. But this just a trick: don’t calculate the moment of pressing and the character jumps exactly on the spikes or crashes into one of the evil freaks who traditionally protect their designated area of the level.

Moving and disappearing platforms, spring-loaded catapult and a movable swing — all at the same time it helps and hinders to reach the finish point. Further, the passage will be all the more difficult. Try to choose the exact moment when Emilio takes to the air. Otherwise you’ll have to start from the last save point.

Collect crystals, look for cute axolotl and remember: less jumping, more bonuses. Download free Bean’s Quest for iPhone and iPad at this link. The usual cost to play is 229 rubles.

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