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Apple offered to buy Tesla and make Elon musk CEO

Explorer Futurism Karl Lunt suggested that Apple should buy Tesla and make the head of the company Elon musk as its CEO. According to the analyst, currently the iPhone maker has problems with innovation and growth, and Tesla lack the financial stability of the “Apple” giant.

About the possibility of buying a well-known manufacturer of electric cars Apple started talking after Tesla went on to conquer the mass market with a “budget” car Model 3. Lant believes that Apple may “swallow” the company, the capitalization of which amounts to about $47 billion.

The idea can be attractive and logical for the leadership of Apple and promises the necessary synergy, Tesla simultaneously freeing from the worry about finances. Kupitisha giant on the other hand need a new innovative approach, which is typical for a manufacturer of electric cars.

By acquiring Tesla, Apple will have technology in the production of batteries for their devices, which, as said Musk, “will completely change the energy infrastructure in the world.” The CEO of Tesla can be called the successor of the principles of Steve jobs (“think differently”), which in the future will become the new visionary for Apple, and even her head, I believe in Futurism.

In 2015 entrepreneur, one of the investors of the service for the ordering of trips Uber Jason Calacanis predicted the sale of Tesla, the company from Cupertino. In his opinion, Apple will buy a manufacturer of electric cars for $75 billion.

In itself, the Apple, apparently, has doubts about the advisability of purchasing the Tesla. At the annual meeting of shareholders of the company investors have asked chief Executive Tim cook to think about buying electric car. However, the head went to answer, saying that would be happy to on the cars this company has used technology CarPlay.

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