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Apple offered a free download music app LOOPIMAL cost 229 rubles

Every week Apple has been distributing in the App Store for one game or application. This time the lucky fans of music programs: to do this you can playing the synth LOOPIMAL. In normal times, it costs 229 rubles.

Editor’s choice on the App store fell on a children’s educational app from the company YATATOY. This means that for a whole week to download it will be absolutely free.

The app gives users mobile devices based on iOS unique chance to playfully learn the basics of working with sound and image. With user-friendly interface, they will be able to build a chain of audio samples, under the hilarious dancing charismatic animals.

The game has no clear goal, no right or wrong, this is a win-win game. Opportunities for creativity are unlimited.

Download LOOPIMAL by YATATOY on iPhone and iPad at this link.

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