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Apple offered a free download killer Beat Stomper

17.06.2017 0 Comments

Every week Apple gives away one free app or game for iOS. The event has been held for several years and is called “Free app of the week”. This time distribute the dashing killer Beat Stomper, cleverly addictive in your acid network.

Apple offered a free download killer Beat Stomper

Your protégé for the next half an hour – crazy happy square. He vyalitsya on the platform, tapping, raise it up, and there’s another platform. Tapa, square landing. Counter friendly clicks: one! Repeat the procedure to infinity – the more platforms you cover, the higher the rating.

Which is very useful, the rhythm of the game. Platform rope ladder, goes down, fingers tapping spells, eyes trying to cope with dancing in front of them all the lights of the world. In the game there are booster packs – bright areas that are activated when a direct hit square in their possession. Then the main character takes to the air and rocket fuel squandering a couple dozen platforms. Remember, if confronted by the neighbor’s party “who will score”, without boosters you can’t win.

The square flies the route, known only to him. Can soar directly, can ricochet off of walls, and maybe bend something in the spirit of a dead loop. Your task is time to stop hovering, to accurately fall on the platform, without falling into Tartarus. If you click on the screen, then slow down and slightly to take a breath.

Apple offered a free download killer Beat Stomper

A vivid accompaniment to the action would be totally insane soundtrack. On the run – rate motivation! – “achievements” in the game you will unlock new tracks. Music Stomper Beat a full participant in the action, perhaps the most important.

The game at least won’t disappoint you. So dense in action so insane wrapper taymkillery not provided for a long time.


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