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Apple offered a free download best game 2015

As part of the promotion for the Apple app Store, Apple offered a free download game Shadowmatic from Triada Studio. This summer is of rare beauty and fascination, the application received the award Apple Design Awards. Normal price is $ 169.

Shadowmatic is an amazing puzzle game with simple rules, challenging content and an incredible welcoming atmosphere. In the light of the lantern — bizarre figure, one or several. On the wall behind it was no less bizarre shadow. The goal is to turn the figure so that from the shadows turned out, for example, the silhouette of a teapot. Or the elephant. Or the number “5”.

In fact, it exhausted the essence of the Game, but is not limited to the game itself: inside — stylish graphics, nice music, and dozens of puzzles, from which the brain stands on its hind legs.

Manual work and attention to detail is felt in each pixel of the project, from animated menus to the lovingly-drawn scenery: each set of levels the Game has its own visual theme.

To download Shadowmatic for free, you need to download the official Apple Store application (not to be confused with the App Store) after first obtaining a U.S. account. On the Featured tab, scroll down and click on Download Shadowmatic free.

The prize Apple Design Awards, is awarded since 1997 for the most innovative applications created for Apple technology third party developers. Announcement of list of winners took place during the WWDC, which was held in early June in San Francisco.

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