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Apple offered a free download arcade game Chameleon Run

Apple has appointed “App of the week” an unusual arcade project Chameleon Run from the Studio Noodlecake Studios. During the week it will be available for free, on ordinary days the game costs 150 rubles.

In Chameleon Run gamers will have to run on the colored platforms, jump over obstacles and chasms to reach the end point. The project draws attention to two moments. First, this game is hanging under the plate “app of the week”. Secondly, she’s incredibly beautiful screenshots. Reason enough to devote attention to the project, isn’t it?

Starts Chameleon Run, that is, right off the bat. Your character jumps on a purple beam and runs forward. Platforms located in the air, so to miss, and fly into eternity – simple. To avoid this, you need Tapan on the screen until the character has reached the end of the level. Simple and primitive runner? Yes, but…

The game looks great. You can make a couple of screenshots to fully illustrate the concept of “bokeh”. In addition , in Chameleon Run of incredible beauty, the depth of field and mean, but pretty darn stylish the special effects. A truly rare case when the game is beautiful not because stick paint everywhere, but at the expense of the talent of the artists.

The only notable disadvantage of the game – very little content. In the application of all the 16 levels and if you take away the training, there will remain nothing at all – fun for a couple hours even for the slow and retarded. However, you can try to beat all records – the game will ask, among other things, pass all the levels, never changing the color of your character. What a challenge, huh?

Download Chameleon Run on iPhone and iPad, following this link.

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