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Apple offered a free download Angry Birds Space for iPhone and iPad

Every day a growing number of iPhone and iPad, in the same way, and bounds an increasing number of mobile applications in the App Store. Among the hundreds of thousands of programs very difficult to choose useful and interesting, and if there are any, often they are paid. Apple helps in finding good programs for users choosing each week one of the best.

The distinguishing feature selected by Apple software is the fact that it can be downloaded for free, even if the creators IN the position it as “paid”. This time the title of “app of the week” got Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Space is a well-known hit Studio of Rovio, in which players gameplay is available with “space” physics. The game is set in space, causing the trajectory of the virtual birds is affected by the gravity of planets that are hiding their enemies-the pigs, as well as the state of weightlessness. Moreover, the pigs are constantly moving around the planet, making it more difficult calculating the trajectory.

In the latest update Angry Birds Space the automatic interplanetary station “New horizons” reached Pluto. Project developers offered gamers to celebrate this historic occasion with your own journey in a new episode on the solar system.

Normal price Angry Birds Space is 229 rubles. For seven days the game version for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded for free.

Download Angry Birds Space for iPhone at this link
Download Angry Birds Space for iPad at this link

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