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Apple no longer allow apps with authorization through “pirate” Vkontakte

The administration of the App Store began to decline updates for applications that are authenticated through a social network “Vkontakte”. The company referred to paragraph 22.4 of the rules of the store, according to which mobile development do not have the right to distribute illegal content.

Many developers have already faced this problem. When downloading updates to applications they’ve received notification that they fall into the category of software used in the distribution of pirated content.

“In addition to the authorization application is not related to “Vkontakte”, but the moderator Apple has discovered the possibility of a transition from Windows user authorization “Vkontakte” to the full version of this social network, which is known for its vast base of pirated music and video content”, — quotes Ain developers of mobile Billboard Yeed.

In may this year, the developer of “Vkontakte” Roman Trumpet promised that direct referrals from the pages of the authorization application will be closed. In June, a spokesperson for the social network Giorgi Lubushkin confirmed this information. He stated that social networks are all fixed as soon as it became aware of the problem. Developers of third-party applications that use Vkontakte for authorization, should no longer experience problems on this part.

Apple on the eve of launching its own streaming service Apple Music is actively fighting the illegal music. In may this year, the developers of “Vkontakte” ruled out the possibility of listening to tracks in the background on the iPhone app. This condition pushed Apple to the client has passed moderation and is now available for download in the app store.

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The relationship of Apple and “Facebook” were difficult last year. At the end of April 2014 from the App store app disappeared Vkontakte for iPhone, in the middle of may of the same year and for the iPad. The main claims by American companies was the availability of social networks and unlicensed adult content.

In mid-July, an iPhone app back in the App Store. However, it was substantially revised, in particular, is related to the music. “VKontakte” have made integration with iTunes — branded music service Apple. All you have added to your page, the song was played as a whole, but the songs that appeared in the news and on the pages of friends, it was possible to hear only a short fragment. Each such fragment is accompanied by links to iTunes where you can buy the full track.

The latest release of Apple lodged Vkontakte condition about removing the possibility of listening to music if the app is minimized or when the phone screen is in sleep mode.

In the app store for Android devices, by the way, such problems do not arise. Google is not blocking the software and update them if developers use illegal content and, especially, the authorization through Russian social network.

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