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Apple new iPhone 7 is told about the unique features of the application Photo [video]

Apple has released two new promotional videos that focused on the function of the “Memories” feature, which automatically creates a special collection of the most important photos and videos. Videos posted on the official YouTube channel of the company.

“Open the favorite and forgotten moments from your music library again,” Apple says in the video “The Archives” and “How to play Memories”. Regular application to work with photos on iPhone, iPad and Mac automatically scans your library for the availability of data about people, places, holidays, etc. and submit appropriate photos and videos in special collections entitled “Memories”.

iPhone allows you to create your collection of “Memories” to view the automatically generated collection in a slide show or movies and share them with your loved ones.

Video “How to play Memories” shows the sequence of steps to launch the collection of “Memories” that can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV. Just open the Photos app, go to the tab “Memory”, select selection and click “start”.

iPhone will show a brief overview of the contents of the collection in the form of the best photos in the photo library. You can select “Show all” to view all the pictures and videos in the collection, “Remembrance”.

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