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Apple new ad “One Night” showed the best night photographs taken on the iPhone 7 [video]

Apple has released a new video in a campaign “Shot on iPhone”. The video titled “One Night” showcases the best photos and videos taken on the iPhone 7 in the evening.

“For one night, the photographers on the iPhone, were in different parts of the world – from the Arctic and Indonesian volcanoes, to the night clubs of Johannesburg and roofs of Shanghai. For his new visual campaign “Shot on iPhone” Apple attracted a group of photographers who helped to capture the life from dusk to dawn using camera features iPhone 7 that allows you to take clear pictures in low light conditions. The people, sights and the diversity of situations faced by photographers during the night, in the end helped to create a fascinating story with the night shooting, which starting today will be shown in 23 countries.”

The camera in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have optical image stabilization, aperture of ƒ/1.8 and sectionseven lens for shooting photos and video in low-light conditions. Thanks to the camera’s sensor gets up to 50% more light than the iPhone 6s and optical stabilization reduces the blur associated with movement of objects and the phone in his hand. A special sensor allows you to monitor and balance the slightest fluctuations in speed can be 3 times longer than on the iPhone 6s.

For the first time to campaign Apple shooting was made by the Russian photographer Dmitry Markov from Pskov. According to him, he had moved the camera to shoot on the iPhone, which allows him to make very interesting images in the field of social photography. The video shows four photographs Markov.

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“I admit, I’m impressed with the sensitivity of the camera iPhone 7, which allows you to “pull up” even quite dark scenes. I remember my first digital camera, which was not easy to shoot indoors, not to mention twilight on the street. I am very glad that today, the camera phone allows you to work with scenes that were previously “too hard” even serious equipment”.

Mobile photography has completely changed the lives of Dmitry, who believes that “taking on the iPhone in certain cases simplifies the work of the photographer. To open more the subjects than the photographer with an ordinary camera”.

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