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Apple Music for Android has received update in the style of iOS

Apple released the firmware update app music Apple Music service for Android. In version 2.0, the program has received a complete redesign and now looks the same as on iOS devices.

According to the description automatic update in Google Play, the update brought Apple Music a number of improvements in terms of health, reproduction and stability. In addition, the Android app received a new interface that previously appeared in iOS 10 and which can test the iPhone and iPad users. The customer interface is simplified, in addition, there were the lyrics, and in the recommendations section more attention is paid to cover tracks and albums.

Since the launch in June of 2015, Apple Music has collected more than 20 million paid subscribers. The service is now available to more than 40 million musical compositions. Also, Apple available Beats radio 1, offering to listen to tracks from such stars as Dr. Dre, Drake, Skrillex, and Elton John.

Apple Music in Russia there are three types of subscription: personal for 169 rubles per month, family of six people for 269 rubles per month for students for 75 rubles per month. The first three months of the use of a personal tariff plan is free.

Apple is constantly adding to its service with new content, some of which is exclusive to this service, the company has previously acquired entertainment shows, Karaoke Carpool, in which various celebrities in the car with comedian perform well-known songs. The new album of Frank ocean also came out exclusive to Apple Music.

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