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Apple Music for Android has got its own widget

For users of Apple Music for Android got some good news. Apple has released a client update, which adds a widget to control the music and the ability to add songs from the catalog into the playlist, not transferring them to the local library.

In the new version of Apple Music for Android, the developers have added a new widget. Unlike iOS users Google can add widgets not only in the control Center, but to also take to the home screen.

Also in the new version of the official client now has the ability to add new tracks into playlists to bypass local library, use a card iTunes Gift card to renew the subscription of services and to quickly jump to the album from Now Playing section, tap the name of the song. In addition, in the update you can find the most popular songs in the albums and see what is playing on Beats 1 station, without passing on the Radio tab.

In the previous version of Apple Music for Android, we recall, have the opportunity to download more music for offline listening, thanks to expandable memory. Now, you can use a microSD card, allowing users to save more music on their smartphones.

Enable this function means that owners of Android devices can keep their devices for more than music, iPhone owners, as many “phones” have the ability to expand the memory up to 128 GB.

Release Apple Music for Android was held in November 2015. The client was released four months after the launch of the service. The design of the app has retained recognizable features of the Apple Music app for iOS, although some elements were borrowed from the concept of Material Design. The most striking features of the style of OS is part of Google, for example, the side menu, pulling from the left side of the screen.

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In the Apple Music app for Android is available a few functions that don’t work on the iOS platform. For example, you can set a limit of memory used for caching.

Apple Music for Android is the second app in the Apple for the mobile platform Google. The first was released earlier in 2015 a utility to migrate from Android-smartphone on the iPhone “Move to iOS”.

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