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Apple Music does not add DRM protection for music on your computer

The news that Apple Music uses DRM protection for music stirred the Internet. Content uploaded to the cloud may not be reproduced on other devices without subscribing to a service that the task of technical means of copyright protection. However, the problem openly pulled behind the ears.

Browser iMore the serenity Caldwell ran through the basics on the topic of DRM protection Apple Music service, simultaneously having many users. In fact, Apple does not encrypt the entire music library of content owned by the user it can listen on any device.

The iCloud photo Library service, available to subscribers of Apple Music streaming, works on the principle of iTunes Match. After activation, iTunes searches for a matching user’s music in 30-million library Apple finds analogues for songs and open them for access on all devices. However, freely use the songs from the cloud storage will not work because of DRM protection.

“Apple Music – not the cloud,” writes Caldwell. – If you want to upload your library to the service, and then to free up space on your hard drive, deleting all of your music directory, then you should think about the consequences”.

To upload music from iCloud photo Library back can only be DRM-protected. These tracks are available on other devices, but until until paid subscription Apple Music. If the person refuses to pay for the services of streaming, you will lose access to all cloud-based catalog, all matter added music to them or not.

If you have a large library it makes sense to use iTunes Match. This is not only advantageous from a financial point of view, but also solves the problem with DRM protection.

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