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Apple: more than 60% of users do not buy anything in iTunes

More than half of Apple users can find Music outside of the US, 60% of them did not buy anything in iTunes, at least in the course of the year. About it told the Vice-President of software, eddy cue.

Today, the music service Apple has more than 20 million paid subscribers since February their number has increased almost twice. However, 60% of users of Apple’s Music do not buy in iTunes, at least in the course of the year, said Kew. “Of course, we want more and want it quickly — we’re hungry!”, he said.

According to a top Manager, “the vast majority of the Apple Music is a new customer.” In the world “billions of people listening to music”, so the service has great opportunities for growth, added eddy cue.

“Billions of people listen to music, and we don’t even have 100 million users. So the music industry is still much room for growth,” he said.

At the same time, an Apple representative acknowledged that the music service still lags behind in the audience from other music services. So Spotify is far ahead of Apple Music, with over 40 million paid subscribers worldwide.

Total monthly audience exceeds 100 million Spotify users, that is, most of them still prefer to listen to music for free with ads while streaming.

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