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Apple missed in the App Store app FlexBright — analog “night mode” in iOS 9.3

No matter how nor quality has been the monitor of the mobile device or computer, from sitting too long in front of him, the eyes get tired anyway, and there is even the risk of deteriorating vision. In the online Apple store appeared first app that allows you to change the colour temperature of your display depending on the time of day. Day users can set the cool colors, and at night, on the contrary, warm. This solution reduces the load on the eyes.

The development has received the name FlexBright. The app costs 230 rubles f works like a utility.lux, available for Mac, PC and more recently on Android. It allows to reduce the color temperature of your display to 2700 K and even less. This allows allows you to comfortably work with the iPhone and iPad in the dark for a long time and forget about eye fatigue.

In a similar way the function “night mode” in iOS 9.3. The main difference is that FlexBright cannot make changes to automatic mode. The program runs in the background and using the notification reminds the user that he has to adjust the image.

Also in FlexBright there is a blue color filter. After application, the application reduces the amount of blue light on the displays of the iPhone and iPad. According to research, mobile devices emitted blue and green prevent the release of the hormone melatonin, which makes it easier to fall asleep and is also responsible for circadian rhythms. Scientists say that the use of the phone before bedtime delays the moment of falling asleep for about an hour.

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At the moment it is not known whether there will be FlexBright in the App Store. It is likely that the moderators accidentally missed the Apple program. As soon as they discover an error, the utility will be removed from the App Store.

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