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Apple, Microsoft and Coca-Cola increased its spending on advertising in YouTube by 60%

The cost of YouTube ads Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and other brands from the top 100 has increased by 60%. About this video service announced on the eve of VidCon conference devoted to online video. The event will be held from 23 to 25 July.

Now advertisers have noticed the popularity of YouTube among young people and that a considerable part of the popular among the youth of the performers are the stars of video hosting. According to YouTube, the number of advertisers on the website for the year increased by 40%. Leading brands has increased the cost of advertising on the service by 60%. Among these brands include Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM and Microsoft.

Last week Google has released a quarterly report: its revenues grew in the second quarter by 11% to $17.7 billion, and net income by 17%, to $3,93 billion According to the report, the revenue growth was driven primarily by increased advertising revenue, mentioned there and on good advertising results YouTube. Google chief financial officer Ruth Porat said at a press conference that “the substantial revenue growth of YouTube has become one of the most important events of the quarter.

YouTube doesn’t disclose data about its revenue, but said that advertising revenue positively affected by the fact that young people aged 18-34 years quite a lot of time spend on the website. As stated by a top Manager of Google Tara Wolpert Levi: “Seven or eight months ago there were many articles listing the most important celebrities among young people, and most of them are the stars of YouTube. It was a turning point in the industry where marketers don’t know half of these celebrities, they decided, “Wow, we don’t know what is popular with many people, we need to catch up””. Now YouTube is one of the most effective and quick ways of promotion videos, many videos here get tens of millions of views.

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Last Apple promotional video on YouTube is a promotional video of the iPhone 6 with the slogan “If it’s not iPhone, it’s not my iPhone. “With more than 1.5 million best apps App Store, turns your iPhone into anything”, – stated in the ad “Amazing Apps”. The idea of Apple is that only iPhone users have access to a catalog of hand-selected programs from the online store App Store.

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