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Apple may return the magnetic MagSafe connector on the MacBook

In the autumn the presentation last year, Apple announced a new MacBook Pro, which unfortunately most fans of the computer equipment of the company are deprived of the proprietary MagSafe connector. However, this convenient magnetic connector was not forgotten. Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent Apple accessory that is a kind of practical adapter with MagSafe to USB-C.

Judging by the illustration, the new product will work with any notebook computers equipped with a USB connector. Compact device connects to a MacBook via a new port, the user is able to use the usual magnetic MagSafe connector.

The image shows the charging cable of the first generation, which was used on the old MacBook. If Apple is already planning to put them together with this magnetic connector? While it is too early, as the product exists in the form of a patent and there is no certainty that it will appear in the final product.

The MagSafe connector was introduced in early 2006. Thanks to the simple connector, held in place by magnetic force, users would not worry about the risk to damage the port or charger cable in the case of a sharp jerk of the cord. The design proved to be more safe for laptops than traditional connectors, but in 2015 Apple has begun to abandon it in favor of USB.

It is noteworthy that third-party manufacturers offer a solution to the problem. So, one of the most popular adapters Snapnator gathered on Kickstarter almost $400 000. In February, the first buyers of the adapter has already started to receive their orders.

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