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Apple may reconsider the timing of the release of “frameless” iPad due to problems with the transition to 10-nm process technology

Statements about successful preparation for the beginning of mass production of 10-nm products may not have anything to do with harsh reality. This writes industry publication DigiTimes. According to the information resource, the company TSMC faced with lower than expected level of yield using 10-nm technology, which can affect the timing of release of new Apple tablets.

TSMC was supposed to begin production on a 10-nm process chips for Apple A10X iPad next generation, but now the timing of the announcement of new products may be revised due to problems with the release of 10-nm processors. For smartphones iPhone series 8 release 10-nm processors Apple A11 is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2017, and it is difficult to judge how the current situation will affect Apple’s plans.

According to preliminary information, in 2017 cupertinos plans to present three new tablet computer, including a new model with a screen “edge to edge”. The offer will be three models of iPad Pro with diagonals screens of 7.9, 10.1 and 12.9 inches. Release a radically updated tablet expected in March. Sources close to the company say that the display is “edge to edge” will enable the new gadget in size to maintain the same size as the current 9.7-inch model. The tablet should be the first among mobile devices Apple losing the Home button.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm has announced the launch of 10-nm processors Snapdragon 835 at the facilities of Samsung. Initially it was planned that the company will be named the Snapdragon processors series 660, but now Qualcomm is reviewing the plans, keeping the reference to the 10-nm technology only for Snapdragon processor 835.

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Series processors 660 decided to put on the conveyor in 2017, but only with the use of 14-nm technology. It is noteworthy that the work on the development of the 5-nm technology in TSMC will be headed by former Vice-President of Qualcomm. He joined TSMC in March of this year, and so the appointment to such an important post suggests a high degree of confidence in the new leader.

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