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Apple Maps can lead to topographical cretinism

Using Apple Maps and other mapping services may result in topographic cretinism. To such conclusion researchers from University College London.

Experts have discovered how the brain works man, when he uses mapping applications. It is alleged that during the use of services on the routes disabled the ability of a person to independently navigate in space.

Without apps to navigate the brain of users has been very active, spikes are observed when people are out on the streets. The same region of the brain remains dormant when the experiment participants followed the instructions of the Navigator.

For normal self-movement in an urban environment requires constant interaction of the prefrontal cortex (frontal lobe) and the hippocampus (the part responsible for the formation of emotions and memory consolidation). When the subjects did not use gadgets to move around, the activity of these parts on were high. Otherwise, they are practically not used.

As for long term continuous use of the map services will have an impact on the main human body, is unclear. But researchers believe that talking about a policy change too early: the potential of the brain previously involved in mapping the routes, you can use for other purposes.

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