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Apple Maps 3 times more popular than Google Maps on the Apple mobile platform

In iOS 9, Apple has implemented a number of improvements associated with a proprietary map service. Gadgets now automatically display tooltips about the traffic towards frequently visited destinations. iPhone remembers the point at which most often the user, associating them with the recorded contact addresses and uses for useful tips. In addition to the automatic prompts “Maps” in iOS 9 help to use public transport.

In recent years, Apple is continuously working to improve Apple Maps. And these efforts are bearing fruit. According to the research company The Boston Globe, map service, Apple is now used 3 times more often compared to the nearest competing service for iPhone and iPad. It is obvious that under the enigmatic “nearest competitor” means the Google Maps service, which after the initial failure of Apple Maps became the most frequent choice of the majority of iOS devices.

At the same time, Google Maps continues to maintain leadership in the global market, and the number of service users twice the audience of Apple Maps. Although, primarily, this is because Google Maps are available as Android and iOS, whereas Apple Maps audience is limited to owners of the company’s gadgets from Cupertino.

As for the secret to the success of Apple Maps, searched Google mapping service on iOS platform, it can be connected with its integration with third-party applications. So, the Starbucks app shows the nearest shops and navigating using Apple Maps. The same applies to many other programs.

Anyway, having failed at launching its own maps, Apple is actively engaged in his comprehensive development. Previously, the company opened new vacancies for specialists, whose task will include upgrading the map service company. This is a comprehensive improvement of all aspects of Apple Maps, from UI applications to server components.

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