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Apple makes the iPhone in the quarter, more than Google on Android in 8 years

In court the lawyer of the company Oracle has published the data about incomes of the company from the Google Android platform. According to the search giant, this information should have remained confidential.

According to available data, revenues from Google’s mobile operating system Android for all the time amounted to $31 billion and profit of $22 billion Revenues were made public at the trial in the case that the search company didn’t pay royalties for the use of the software Java when creating Android. “Look at the astounding amounts of commercialization,” said Oracle lawyer Annette Hurst.

Given the numbers really may seem exorbitant, but they do not go to any comparison with the sums which operates Apple. The iPhone maker has only three months from July to September 2015 earned $32 billion.

Financial performance of Android Google never publicly revealed. The mobile platform was launched in 2008. Google gets revenue from Android through advertising and the app store and Google Play.

There are more than 1000 companies producing Android smartphones, and only one of them gets almost all the profit generated in the industry. According to Canaccord Genuity, in the third quarter of 2015, the share of Apple accounted for 94% of all operating profits earned by smartphone manufacturers in the world. A year earlier the share of corporations was 85%.

Particularly striking achievements in Apple’s overall profits look great, if you consider that this company produces less than 15% of all smartphones sold in the world.

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