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Apple makes its own graphics chips for the iPhone and iPad

Apple has been developing its own graphics chips for the iPhone and iPad, claims Fudzilla. According to the publication, future models of smartphones and tablets will be equipped with their own solutions instead of GPU-modules PowerVR from Imagination Technologies.

Details of the graphic components of the crystals series Apple Ax are well known. So, the top platform of the A9 in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is equipped with its own computing processor and the company’s flagship graphics chip PowerVR GT7600. In the latter part of the six cores with a frequency of 300 MHz and a maximum throughput of 115,2 GFlop/s (twice that of the previous generation).

iPad Air second generation is equipped with the A8X chip, which uses a more powerful version of the graphics accelerator PowerVR GX6650. We are talking about non-default configuration, the collected by Apple-authorized technicians. They fit in one of the two chipset GX6650. This configuration is conventionally called PowerVR GXA6850. In an 8-GPU cluster number of ALU-cores increase from 192 to 256. The newest iPad Pro is the 12-klastnaya graphics.

According to a source, Apple is secretly developing its own graphics chips. Equipping the iPhone and iPad for its graphics, the company will be able to increase the performance and optimize the power consumption of devices. In addition, it will reduce the licensing costs of electronic components.

Back in 2008, Apple bought a 3.6% stake in Imagination Technologies manufacturer. Seven years later this figure has nearly tripled — now at the disposal of the Californian giant’s 10% stake in the manufacturer. Despite the fact that Cupertino possess the tenth part of Imagination Technologies it licenses her technology. On the possible timing of the release of Apple’s own graphics, the source does not specify.

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