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Apple made flat “rainbow wheel of death” at El Capitan OS X

Apple has redesigned the legendary “rainbow wheel” in the new operating system OS X El Capitan. Known as “the spinning wheel of death” indicator now made in a flat style, corresponding to the new design language of the company.

The icon in question, appears when the app in OS X stops responding to user commands. According to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, it’s called “Spinning Wait Cursor” (the Spinning wait cursor). Animated icon appears automatically in those moments when an application cannot handle all messages you receive more than 2-4 seconds.

With the release of OS X Yosemite, Apple updated the UI of Mac computers, making “flat” and less realistic application icons in the dock bar, adding translucency support Windows and panels and generally simplifying complex design elements. “Rainbow wheel”, however, remained large. In OS X 10.11 past that was associated with OS skeuomorphs Mavericks have sunk into oblivion.

By the way, in the English-speaking Internet at the standby OS X has a lot of names:

  • spinning pizza (rotating pizza)
  • spinning pinwheel (Yul)
  • spinning wheel of death (the spinning wheel of death)
  • beach ball of death (beach ball of death)
  • hypnowheel (gymnocolea)
  • rainbow wheel of death (the rainbow wheel of death)
  • rainbow ball of doom (rainbow ball of doom)
  • the beach ball of hell (a hell of a beach ball)
  • pinwheel of death (whirligig of death)
  • spinning beach ball of death (spinning ball of death)
  • marble of doom (marble ball obrechennosti)

Most common names are “Spinning Beach Ball of Death” or “Marble of Doom”.

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